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- Biography -

“I work and live in Naples. For a few years all I have been doing is writing.
Before that I used to write and study; I wrote and learnt, wrote and graduated in Philosophy, wrote and took several specialisation courses in Teaching, wrote and fell ill, wrote and recovered, wrote and taught, wrote and had two children, wrote and specialised in playwriting.
I have always read while at the same time writing: so wildly, sweetly, incessantly, counting the pages to divide them, crying, laughing, giving it up, loving – and forgetting, remembering, running away, coming back.
Sometimes I wrote and lost pieces, other times I wrote and found them. Then I happened to write and make friends, to write and lose them. I often write and make fun of myself, I write and start all over again because I do not like what I wrote, or else I write and say, ‘Wow, nice, doesn’t even look like it was I who did it.’
In short, I write and live.
That’s all.”

Patrizia Rinaldi lives and works in Naples. She graduated in Philosophy and specialised in playwriting with Francesco Silvestri. She has participated in didactics projects run by Maria Franco at the Juvenile Detention Centre of Nisida. She is also the curator of Children’s Reading and Writing Encounters.




- Volo non autorizzato Edited by Giuliano Landolfi, May 2013
- Tre, numero imperfetto Edited by e/o, June 2012
- Rock sentimentale – Published by EL Einaudi, July 2011
- Il cavedio cowritten by Bonafini, Di Marco, Rinaldi, Terranova – Published by Fernandel and created by Patrizia Rinaldi, June 2011
- Le felicità consumate –  Published by Cento Autori, June 2011
- Caro diario ti scrivo... cowritten by Rinaldi - Terranova and created by Nadia Terranova – Published by Ed. Sonda, March 2011  Special Prize at the Premio Morante Nisida – Roberto Dinacci, 2011
- Piano Forte – Premio Elsa Morante Ragazzi, Premio Mariele Ventre – Published by Sinnos, 2009
- Blanca – Published by Dario Flaccovio Editore, 2009
- Ninetta Ridolfi e gli oggetti affettuosi – Premio Profondo Giallo  (2007) – Published by Mondadori, 2008
- Napoli-Pozzuoli. Uscita 14 – Published by Dario Flaccovio, 2007
- Sono tornato a casa – Premio Pippi (2006) (Unpublished-work Category) – Published by Edizioni L’isola dei Ragazzi, 2007
- Pidocchi ovvero la storia di alcuni bambini e di alcuni parassiti – Published by ETS, 2003
- Il Commissario Gargiulo – Finalist at the XXII Premio del Mystfest 1995 (Category: Beginners) – Published by Stampa Alternativa, 1995

–Author of playwrights and of short stories published in a number of Anthologies.


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